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I’m trying to study for my Communications course and I need some help to understand this question.

1. Please write a few lines about chapter three. Tell me what stood out to you, and any thoughts/personal reflections you have on the content. 5-7 sentences is the expected length.

2. Think of how many cookbooks there are. Or brands of toothpaste. Even movies…harry potter was THE young adult series. But then came twilight. Then hunger games. So, the “greatest” doesn’t mean that something “greater” isn’t right around the corner. That being said, consider public restrooms. Generally speaking, the way that men and women know which restroom to use is by the universal restroom signs of the little stick figure-type people, with the woman wearing a little triangle dress. So, theoretically, the restroom identification system is “done.” But, now it’s not!

Put on your thinking cap! Come up with 2 new ways of differentiating between the bathrooms. Your idea can be of any theme at all. Some examples from the past are: a beer mug and a martini glass, a mustache and pouty lips, a high heel and a boot, a grizzly bear and a butterfly…not WILDLY creative, but they could work! Try and push the envelope though…think big and think differently!

Get out your paper and split it down the middle. HAND DRAW or USE ILLUSTRATOR to create your visions to the best of your ability. USE COLOR (and not just the two highlighters you have lying around!). Remember, while your concept may be simple, i’m looking for valiant effort.

3. Now that you’ve watched a few slips from Shark Tank, it’s time for you to take the reigns! Pretend that you are going to be a contestant/presenter on the show. What inventions can you come up with?

A helpful place to start is to think about things that drive you nuts in real life. Do you hate taking the trash out? Mowing the lawn? Blow drying your hair? Being cold? Forgetting an umbrella? Running out of milk? Etc? What could you invent to make it better?

Here is an example idea: While I do like mowing the lawn, I don’t always have the time to do it. My invention is a “Roomba” type robot for lawn mowing! For the very first use, you’d put the detachable handle into it and you’d mow the lawn the way that you like (diagonal lines, horizontal, around the swing set, etc). The device would remember how you mowed. From then on, all you’d need to do is activate the mower via an app (or you could have an automatic schedule programmed). The “Roomba” would leave it’s little dock on your porch/in your garage, and it would mow away for you!

Here is one more: I loooove peanut butter. I don’t love getting the peanut butter all over my fingers when I’m getting it out of the jar, especially when I’m scraping the bottom. I propose a new package design for peanut butter! Double lids! Each end would have a screw-on lid, so you could access the peanut butter from either end!

Now it’s your turn. Compile a list of least 10 Shark Tank ideas. Provide a sentence or two describing your idea, like I did above.

You’ll be sharing your favorite idea in a class discussion board for your classmates to vote and give feedback on!

4. These exercises are a great technique to use to “warm up” your brain. Keeping a book of little challenges like this in your work space is a great idea! A lot of time, we just sit down and get to work. We haven’t really given a brain a chance to turn on and get revving. for creativity, that’s super important! They’re also a great “time out” when you need to shift gears for a moment. Try integrating something like this into your daily work routine. Coloring books are great too! Or a few canisters of Playdoh!




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