Credibility Presentation




slides count towards the 5 slide total!)

sslides count towards the 5 slide total!)lides count towards the 5 slide total!)

This Week Topic: Credibility is the assessment of whether the information is truthful or not. In the digital age, what types of factors affect whether someone judges the information as credible or not? We will explore credibility this week through readings that can help us answer this question.


Regardless of when you are going to do your podcast, please plan to set up your computer and practice doing one so that you are prepared. Please be sure you know how to upload your podcast BEFORE the due date. Technical problems are not an acceptable excuse for late podcasts. If your podcast is late, you will lose 1 point for each day that it is late.

To record your audio, you must record directly onto VoiceThread. To create a podcast, you will need a working microphone and speakers.

To begin your podcast Begin your podcast by creating your slides in Powerpoint. Be sure to include at least a title slide with your name and the topic. You may include up to 5 slides – this total includes ALL of your slides. Upload your slides into your VoiceThread.

To record audio Select the option to record a comment. You will have to allow VoiceThread to access your microphone. Record your audio. Each slide will require a separate comment. You may record in segments or all at once. Be sure to click save when you are done.

When you have completed your podcast be sure you add your VoiceThread to our VoiceThread group for this course.

Oral Presentation/Podcast Rubric


Name ________________________ Topic___________________________


Oral Presentations Possible Earned
Apply: Presenter applies the week’s reading to work in communication and explains one or two specific ways the information could be used by a communication professional. Student selects appropriate application, and the ideas are applied in a concrete, specific, and realistic way. 8
Presentation is well organized and easy to understand. 4
Delivery is clear and fluid, using vocal variety, and lacking in verbal crutches. 4
Presentation finishes within the time limit, includes appropriate information on the title slide, and was uploaded on time. 4
TOTAL 20  

ORAL PRESENTATION PODCASTS: You will be assigned one oral presentation in the first week of the class. You will record your oral presentations as audio podcasts and upload them into VoiceThread*. Oral presentations should be no less than three minutes and no more than five minutes long. Oral presentations are worth 20 points. The grading details are in the rubric below.
• Apply the week’s reading to work in communication. Summarize a few key ideas from the week’s readings. Then, explain how the information could be used by a communication professional. Pick a few specific ways in which this research could be applied to or inform work.

*VOICE THREAD: VoiceThread is an online program that stores audio presentations. This program also allows for comments online. The Johns Hopkins has an institutional account, so if you use the link I have posted in our Blackboard site, you will be directed to the login portal for JHU. Select “sign in with username” and login with your JHU ID and password. This link should direct you to our class group; our class has a group where we will post all podcasts related to our course – “Intro Digital Age Fall 2022” – please be sure the join this group and post your podcasts in the group. You must record your audio directly into VoiceThread.• •

Your VoiceThread presentation should start with one slide with your name, the topic week, and the date of your presentation. You may load up to 5 slides for your presentation. Don’t forget to include a slide with references. (The title and reference slides count towards the 5 slides total!)(The title and reference slides count towards the 5 slides total!)



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