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Person 1 Post : michael

Key take-aways from Denning (2020) article is that modern software development organizations are constantly on the guard by architecting software products for an easier upgrade, to seamlessly adjust to changes in the security landscape, operating systems, and customer needs. Some organizations even run simulated attacks to improve their resilience, robustness, and preparedness. Denning goes on to note that modern software product development organizations are becoming evergreen with their products. These organizations release products in a matter of weeks, days, or even minutes catering to the present needs but with an eye for future innovations. Agile software product development allows for the deployment of multifaceted systems that are relatively free of major bugs compared to their extant waterfall developed counterparts.

Beneficial outcome of agile development and mindset is the design and development of software product defined by an incremental and modular architecture. This architecture allows for the delivery of specific and narrow functions running as microservices. Microservices interact among themselves via application interfaces. Modular microservice design requires more effort, although, when successfully designed, it produced significant benefits of lose coupling for maintenance, upgrade, ease of development and roll-back, load sharing compared to a monolithic codebase (Denning, 2020).

The least beneficial of the observations in Denning (2020) paper is that as software product matures, more bugs will be found, some will be left unfixed due to market reasons. Staff attrition will cause hemorrhage of implicit knowledge, leading to a situation where current startups will become tomorrow behemoths girthed with their legacy IT system. This are not necessarily true for agile organizations.

As a coach, it is my experience that the larger and more complex a company becomes, the more important it is for senior managers to let employees at every level to make independent decisions about priorities that are consistent with the strategic direction and the business model of the company. For instance, Facebook published its 27-page guidelines, called Community Standards, used in coping with massive online misinformation and the hard work of balancing toxic content with free speech (Facebook, 2020). This standard can very quickly helps staffs and artificial intelligence in flagging contents that break the law or violates individual rights.

Agile teams are composed of generalizing specialists, transparently inspecting and adapting to product development, and work in thin slices of the product. For example, in this time of covid19, an agile way of thinking involves obsessing about and inspecting customer or market unmet needs that necessitates face masks, the case for face mask was none existent in December 2019. There is bound to be knowledge diffusion in the agile team making the mask, negating the attrition of staff.

Another way to use an agile mindset is in design thinking, and by noting that there are multiple starting points from which one can apply logic to a problem. The agile mindset required nonlinear thinking to cope with massive changes in the market domain, through inspection, transparency, and adaptation. For instance, transparently working in self-organizing teams with delocalized decision making and deciding at the last responsible moments as opposed to centralized decision making using current and applicable local data would allow optimal decision making. Allowing these radical ways of working means the organization has imbibe the agile mindset.

Person 2 post: Rosahn

Steve Denning has written article with the title of How Agile Tames Tough Software Problems. The main contents of the article is about difference in modern software, associated problems, mindset of agile methodology and associated roles who manages the problems of software. In the article, it was also discussed about the successful implementation of software which has achieved significant milestone but on the other side it was also discussed the same software create lot of problems if it is no properly panned and implemented. It is always recommended to do proper research and planning which leads to successful implementation of projects.

In the modern software, like the implementation has been done by companies like Microsoft, Amazon – these software are designed in a way which is automatically upgraded not only weekly basis but also daily or hourly basis to give the real time information Even such modern software are designed in a way to cope with the additional associated workload challenges. The agile software are developed in a way that if for any reason, one module is functioning at maximum capacity, the system will automatically shift workload to another module to function efficiently. In the article, this was discussed with the example of amazon specially at the time when the season are on peak sales, the agile systems divides the workload to work with full capacity and efficiency. In order to become competitive and work with agility, companies like Microsoft which update the Windows to a newer and better version.

The mindset of agile is a reflection of self-organized teams which works on pieces with the creative and efficient practices to produce a product with value addition. The concept of agility is more towards addressing flexibility towards changes needs of the business. The business needs these days require frequent changes to address the competition and mindset of agile helps and taking care of the business needs.

The article discussed regarding the challenges associated with the management of software. It is advisable to manage the software in a way it was developed with complete agile mindset. The settings are changed to complex structures and the need to address and manage the settings also require advanced ways of solutions instead of traditional and conventional methods. The article shared the example of software crashes of the car companies, Boeing and British banks.

In my opinion, from the content of the article the agile mindset is all about flexible enough to accept the change and thing creatively to address the business needs. The challenges start from the mindset and sense of acceptance from the management side. In my experience, culture always drives from top to bottom. If the management is willing to support changes, the probability of acceptance and to develop the productive culture which has more chances to grow and achieve mutual objectives. The examples of workload sharing were informative and one of the creative features of agile methodologies which was shared in the article for Amazon. It will be certainly not beneficial when the software reached to mature and new technology comes and make old technologies made obsolete for any organization. It is important to keep the talent of the company upgraded with new learning and training to cope up with and help advancing in bringing in creative practice to make the systems better with agile technologies.



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