Why is it important to get approval before publishing an advertisement? And how can it help in the selection processes.


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Scenario: Makro – a South African company with a branch in Australia. Bruno van de Wit, the human resources manager at Makro (Aust), has just been handed a resignation letter from Mark the Operations Manager. Mark plays a critical role in the distribution of the company’s products. Without him the company performance will be badly affected.




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The Managing Director, Bruno’s boss, instructs him to hire a replacement for Mark within 2 weeks. Bruno has to ensure that the new appointee meets all of the selection criteria which are:

1. five year experience in operations management 2. an university degree 3. three year experience at management level 4. a thorough understanding of the principles of logistics

Bruno’s boss gives him a few notes about the position so that Bruno can create a job description. Bruno will also need to make sure that the job description does not contravene any legislative requirements for example, Anti- Discrimination, OH&S and Employment Equity laws. Bruno is also instructed to speak to the Distribution Manager, the Fleet Manager, and the Finance Manager to find out if there are any other requirements that the new appointee might need to know in order for them to be successful in the job. Once you have completed all the necessary tasks you have to meet with the Managing Director to get the final approval and sign off for the recruitment process to start. The boss’s notes for a job description:

– Operations Manager – Department of Operations & Logistics – 5 staff report to him – OM reports to me – weekly meetings & written reports

The operations manager runs the day-to-day operations of an organisation or business. Their sole purpose or primary function is to find ways to make the company more productive by providing effective methods for its business operations. An individual in this position usually prepares program budgets, facilitates several programs around the company, controls inventory, handles logistics and interviews and supervises employees. A person interested in operations management needs to have a strong leadership background and must know how to handle problems quickly and efficiently. In addition, they must have great communication skills. One of the duties an operation manager has to perform is to provide a work environment that engenders positive energy, creativity and teamwork among employees. To ensure that this goal is achieved, operations managers try to reach compromises with employees by conducting meetings, listening to each department’s issues and concerns, and setting a professional example by showing leadership qualities. In order for a department to run smoothly, an operations manager has to set rules and procedures for employees to follow. This includes setting policies in the workplace to




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ensure effective implementation and adherence among each and every employee in the organisation. An operations manager usually handles a company’s operating budget to determine how much the company has spent and what it can purchase in the near future. Being an operations manager is all about serving customers; therefore the individual needs to know how much money is in a company’s budget to provide the products and services that will retain customers. Operations managers are also representatives at committee meetings and functions. The manager will be a spokesperson for the company and will need to discuss the various objectives and plans the organisation has in store to make its business more successful. Handling issues is also a top priority among operations managers. Many issues that operations managers have to face include risk management, shipment delays, client dissatisfaction and employee problems. This is when leadership skills come into play, as operations managers have to make effective decisions that will not only help the company run smoothly but also serve to prevent difficult situations in the future. Operation managers are also responsible for hiring employees inside an organisation, as well as supervising and evaluating employees and their job performance. In addition to being a recruiter, operations managers give directions to employees on certain job tasks, resolve problems concerning employees, ensures work performance, establishes procedures and creates work schedules. Question 1 Where would you advertise and why? Question 2 Before going ahead and placing the ad, who should Bruno show it to? Question 3 Instead of advertising, what are two options available to Makro for filling the vacancy? Give your justification? Question 4 Why should a human resources manager consult other managers and staff when developing interview questions? Legislative requirements need to be addressed in this question Question 5 Why is it important to notify the job applicants of the upcoming interview and related information well ahead of time? Question 6




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In organising the interviews of applicants, who would you invite from the company to sit on the interview panel & why? Question 7 List five details related to a job that should be communicated through an offer of employment. Question 8 Who should Bruno, the human resources manager approach to get approval, prior to publishing this advertisement?

Question 9 Why is it important to get approval before publishing an advertisement? And how can it help in the selection processes. Question 10 Who are the people at Makro who should be introduced to the successful applicant during the induction process.



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