Window of Opportunity to Cover the Incident Underneath the Bridge Question




This is “based on a true story,” as they say. Something similar happened to me, and I wanted to see how you all would react…

Imagine you are in a foreign country to cover the Olympics. It’s the night of the 100-meter final — the headline event of the Games. You are on a media shuttle on the way to the stadium, and you’re staring out the window at the cityscape. The shuttle pulls up to a stoplight and you notice a group of city workers in Olympics vests dragging some homeless people from underneath a bridge. Very quickly, a plow follows and destroys the small tent city where the homeless group lives.

You can hardly believe what you’re seeing. You look around at the other reporters on the bus. No one seems to notice; they are all looking at their phones.

The shuttle pulls forward and you see some of the city workers punching the homeless people. You crane your neck to look back, but that’s all you see. The bus lurches forward and you can see the lights of the stadium ahead. You’re only about a half-mile from your destination.

You have a decision to make. You have been given one of the coolest assignments in the world: covering the Olympics 100-meter final. That’s what you’re paid to do on this evening, so maybe you should try to forget what you just saw and concentrate on the race.

Then again, you were the only person who saw that abuse under the overpass. If you don’t report on it, the story may never get told. But you’d have to get off the bus and try to get a couple of iPhone photos and maybe try to interview some of the homeless people. That would risk missing the race.

You try to call your editor for advice. She doesn’t answer. You try again. No answer. The bus is moving. Another minute or two and you’ll lose track of where the overpass was located.

You realize that most of your readers simply won’t care about some homeless people in a foreign country. No one will ever know what you saw, or the choice you made.

Still, though, something is telling you to get off the bus and go back. And those workers were wearing Olympics vests. Did someone important instruct them to do that?

Please write up to 250 words explaining what you would do in that situation, and why.

Remember! You must post and reply to one other student for the full 10 points!

(my peers discussion post ) in order to reply to her

believe that being in such a situation is difficult. It is like being between a rock and a hard place. You are there to report about what happens at the Olympics. When one is on the shuttle, one comes across the homeless being pulled from underneath the bridge and punched by men in the Olympics vest. Such an incident would alarm anybody. I would be propelled to get off of the shuttle, take a picture, and use the picture as means to write about what I saw. Part of the journalist’s job is to report on the wrongs of society and hold politicians and others responsible for their actions. If I were in the shoes of the reporter, I would have taken out my iPhone and taken pictures of the whole scenario. I believe that such acts of injustice need to be brought to light. I believe that it is possible for the reporter to report the incident one saw on the way to the Olympics, as well as what she witnessed at the Olympics. Simultaneously, a reporter can report on the news instructed by their editor and report about an injustice. With such leeway, the journalist can perform their job and hold penetrators of mistreatment of the homeless accountable for their actions.



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